A Case Study of a Case Study: Henry Cross of Hosh Yoga

Henry Cross is a co-director of the nonprofit Hosh Yoga and Hosh Kids, which makes physical activity and the practice of yoga available to 4,000 residents of New York City each month by offering safe and welcoming yoga classes at accessible costs. They also run programs for youth and senior citizens.

Henry came to the 2015 Social Venture Institute / Hudson Valley seeking advice on strategies that would help Hosh scale its business and its impact while being a cost-effective and financially sustainable organization. He presented a popular Case Study during the weekend.

From SVI Hudson Valley to Brooklyn

At SVI Henry connected with Matthew Stinchcomb, executive director of, a nascent nonprofit launched by in 2015 that builds evolutionary business educational programs for social entrepreneurs. These programs foster the confidence, clarity and compassion needed to work in ways that regenerate our lives, our enterprises and our communities. Much like SVI.

After hearing Henry’s Case Study, participant Shawn Berry told Henry about's pilot program to take place in Brooklyn later that year. The program sparked his interest and he was inspired to apply. He was accepted and became one of’s inaugural cohort of 22 creative entrepreneurs. 

Advice for Case Study Presenters

For fellow Case Study presenters Henry suggests applying “radical self-inquiry” to determine what they really want to say and what they really need feedback on — to present the most challenging issues faced by the organization and to openly receive the most practical and applicable advice and support. 

“Empty and surrender yourself to a group of people who are truly willing to help and support you,” Henry wisely advises. 

Case Studies are the core of the SVI model, where the greatest learning happens. An entrepreneur presents a specific, strategic business challenge. A panel of experts and retreat participants alike offer advice based on their experience and expertise. It's a powerful way for the entire group to work collectively and gain a wealth of practical ideas to deal with the challenges of running a social enterprise.

The deadline to apply for one of two 2016 Case Study presentations is April 24.