Introducing... SVI Hudson Valley 2016 Fellow: Rachael Mamane

Rachael Mamane moved to the Hudson Valley from NYC to be closer to her farm partners and to help build infrastructure for small food businesses. She's the chef and founder of Brooklyn Bouillon, a value-added food company that delivers sustainable and traceable concentrated stocks to consumers across New York State.

She misses the social buzz and entrepreneurial interactions that were readily available in the city and says that SVI seems like an ideal retreat to reconnect to the community. We agree! And we decided to offered her our SVI Hudson Valley 2016 Fellowship.

Brooklyn Bouillon started as a way to help responsible farmers turn unwanted bones and vegetables into a culinary staple for home cooks. Five years later, the price of bones has quadrupled and food waste is a household topic of conversation.

Rachael and team are looking at ways to extend their purpose: by keeping food in the chain for as long as possible. They've figure out how to make six products from one batch of materials, all ending in compostable biochar.

She says their business model is "truly ashes to ashes, dust to dust," and they're looking to explore efficiencies in other parts of the industry.

Her work in reducing consumptive waste streams has been featured by The New York Times, Modern Farmer, The Splendid Table, Forbes and Food Curated. Her project participation with Feeding the 5000 was supported by the United Nations Environmental Program. She has exhibited at Harvard Law School and participated in early food incubators at Stanford.

On top of all that (!) Rachael is currently finishing a book for Chelsea Green Publishing and was recently invited to cook for James Beard House.

As part of her fellowship, she'll document for us her SVI Hudson Valley experience and how she’ll use it going forward.

The SVI Hudson Valley Fellowship is sponsored by the SVI Hudson Valley team (Antidote CollectiveOn Belay Business Advisors and Re>Think Local) with financial support from Topical BioMedics.